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Who Are The Titans...

The Titans program is an established, thriving, and growing baseball organization that began in Central Texas over 6 years ago. We have highly competitive 9u-18u teams, including National High School teams that compete in some of the largest showcase tournaments in the country. We are determined to give our high school players exposure to showcase their talents in front of schools from all over the country so that they can play at the next level. 

We are bringing our successful model of mentorship & player development to San Angelo, Texas. We train our players to attain high level baseball skills in addition to building confidence, character, grit, and fortitude. Our program focuses on incorporating plyocare/armcare & med ball training as well as unique hitting & throwing/pitching drills into our practices to teach players proper movement patterns, develop strength, and minimize injury. The Titans staff is also dedicated to superb communication, administrative organization, and professionalism. 

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Players Who Want To Attend MUST Register.

If you are looking to tryout for one of our final roster spots, please fill out the form and we will reach out to schedule an alternative tryout. Thank you!

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The Titans program was founded in 2017.  We pride ourselves on our ability to develop aspiring young athletes into formidable ballplayers ready to take on the challenges of playing the game at the highest levels. Our chief aim is to facilitate and guide the growth of players both on and off the field.


The Titans program was founded by former professional pitcher & 2-time College World Series participant Justin Klipp. The Titans are named after Owner and Director of Operations Justin Klipp &  Director of Youth Program Tony Fetchel's Alma Mater: CAL ST. FULLERTON TITANS.


The 4-time NCAA Champions have been a National Powerhouse D-1 program for nearly the past 50 years and were built by legendary Longhorn Coach Augie Garrido.  Justin Klipp has taken his wealth of knowledge from his Fullerton experience and brought the same rich tradition of success to the Titans organization. His ultimate goal is to share with players the mindset & skills it takes to possibly get to play in a College World Series and potentially play professional baseball as he did.



All of our coaches are former collegiate & professional players with extensive baseball knowledge. In addition, every coach has a wealth of coaching experience and receives continuous training by our directors to ensure our organizational philosophies have continuity and consistency. Each team has two designated paid coaches.



We incorporate med ball & weighted balls in our practices to train proper movement patterns and increase overall body strength. We also use cross symmetry bands & agility workouts among a host of unique hitting and pitching drills to round-out our indoor practices. Extra (optional) specific practice days include Mondays to help our player's arms and bodies recover from the weekend & Friday Hit Nights for extra swings to get ready for the weekend. 



We go the extra mile to help our high school players showcase their skills and guide them through the sometimes complicated recruiting process. Our coaches and directors have connections to a host of schools around the country and we go to bat for our players who show the ability to play college baseball. We play in nationally recognized showcase tournaments, as well as set up our own showcases and personally invite colleges that match well with our players. 

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